Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter on TODAY

October 15, 2018

Forward 50: A New Voice Within The Orthodox Clergy

december 2018


Washington Post, Acts of Faith

THe Washington Post - July 28, 2018

“Taking on positions as clergy in a tradition where women have never been clergy before, they have adopted a variety of titles. …


The Jewish Exponent - August 08, 2018

Rabbanit Hadas “Dasi” Fruchter always wanted to work in the Jewish world.

She thought she would run a Jewish Federation or a Hillel. When she was young, she imagined marrying a rabbi so she could serve as a rebbetzin.

She never thought she would lead a synagogue one day as a clergy person.


Fruchter not Fazed by Uncertain Future

Washington Jewish Week - August 8, 2018

For a pioneer, Washington’s Modern Orthodox community is getting crowded. Not only are there plenty of rabbis and thriving congregations, there are two women clergy who broke the Orthodox gender barrier by becoming authorities in Jewish law at established congregations. Last month, one of those women announced she was going to light out for the territory.